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PUMA's First Year Reflections 

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Get a grip on energy costs.

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PUMA is online energy management software and services that help you analyze and manage your energy consumption and GHG emissions using utility billing data.

Analyze, manage, and reduce your energy consumption and GHG emissions.


Compare utility consumption and emissions across multiple facilities. PUMA is an ENERGY STAR Partner and can compare your site use against Canadian national benchmarks.

Determine Savings

Determine Savings
Track savings effectively through weather normalization of costs, energy, and emissions.  Use cumulative sum  (CUSUM) reports to see changes month-to-month, and year-over-year. Share results by scheduling automatically-emailed reports from PUMA.

Establish Baselines

Establish Baselines
Build baselines using regression modeling. Create visually appealing  graphs that compare consumption trends with weather adjusted baselines.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting
Receive regular personalized reporting on exceptional consumption.   Customize your reports in signficant ways, and submit data with SMARTTool Upload. Receive regular feedback and customer support.

PUMA delivers cost effective, easy-to-use, customized reports.

PUMA provides MT&R solutions for clients from a variety of sectors with differing levels of technical knowledge. The software generates ready-to-use energy management reports for quick reference and has the capacity to customize reports based on your organization’s needs. Our cost effective pricing includes user training and ongoing technical support. Learn about the benefits of MT&R and PUMA software for your sector.

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